Body Spa Treatments


Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub

This gentle body scrub will leave your skin looking and feeling smooth and revitalized. The blend of organic sugars and natural oils polish the skin while awakening your senses. Choose from three different blends, Calming, Energizing and Balancing.
60 Minutes . . . $90

Seaweed or Mud Body Wrap

Pamper yourself with warm silken seaweed blended with essential oils or revive dull skin with mud to sooth and rejuvenate your skin. After a warm shower you will be treated to a nourishing moisturizer leaving skin supple, soft, and silky smooth.
60 Minutes . . . $85

Deep Lavender Body Treatment

With its relaxing and rejuvenating effects, lavender is the perfect addition to cornmeal for its exfoliation benefits. Enjoy a full body massage with a deeply therapeutic lavender rub and then relax in a cocoon of heat as your body releases toxins, stress and strain. Finished with a cool aloe mist, you emerge renewed and revived.
60 Minutes . . . $85

Cupping Massage

Cupping Therapy is a traditional practice that utilizes the techniques of negative pressure rather than tissue compression. It’s used to alleviate discomfort in musculoskeletal, dermal, digestive and psychological conditions. Cupping massage is a safe and non-invasive style of massage that uses suction cups to create decompression, rather than tissue compression. This decompression helps relieve aching muscles and joint stiffness, reduces inflammation and provides relief for many acute and chronic conditions. Cupping massage can be beneficial in alleviating the following: Pain – caused by migraines & repetitive muscle use. Stress – As blood flow increases you can experience a sense of relief & relaxation. Injuries – Brings healthy blood flow to the injured tissues to aid in the healing process, while also drawing toxins away from the area. Respiratory Issues – Using suction cups on the chest can increase blood flow and drain lymphatic fluid.
90 Minutes . . . $110

Seasonal Spa Treatments

We offer other pampering body spa treatments that are available on a seasonal basis. *Please inquire with a therapist or at the reception desk.

Ionic Foot Bath Detox

The Ionic Cleanse Detox-Machine is a high tech water detoxification system that facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself. THe Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine is a water foot-bath that utilizes steel electrodes, which cleans, balances, and enhances bio-energy, a vital force present in the body fluids. The action of the machine is to help your body with:
>Less fluid retention
>Reduction of inflammation
>Improved memory
>Improved bladder control
>A more balanced pH
>A stronger immune system
>Significant pain relief, inclusive of, but not limited to arthritis, gout, and headaches.
30 Minutes . . . $40