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Facial Services

European Facial

Customized for your skin type this service include analysis, deep cleansing with steam, exfoliation, extractions, mask, moisturizer and eye treatment. Every facial is enhanced with an arm, head, hand, facial, neck and shoulder massage.
*Gentlemen please do not shave the day of appointment.
60 minutes . . . $65

Chemical Exfoliation Treatment

Utilizing naturally derived acids to eliminate dead skin cells, lifting congestion and forcing clearer more youthful skin to emerge. Consultation is recommended and packages are available.
60 minutes . . . $75


For those on the go. All of the must haves of a regular facial but this 30 minute service omits massage in order to save time.
. . . $45

Back Treatment

A facial for the hard to reach area! Enjoy a thorough deep pore cleanse with steam, extractions, customizes mask and moisturizer, all intended to balance and rejuvenate the skin.
45 minutes . . . $60

Teen Facial

This service is designed to not only provide improved complexion but to educate. The importance of nutrition, exercise and hygiene is discussed as well as the "dos and don'ts" of skin care. Products specific to the individuals skin type will recommended.
60 minutes . . . $55

Anti-Aging Facial

Products rich in Vitamin C and a natural retenol alternative work together to help skin look younger while giving it a nice glow. A brightening mask is added to enhance that glow while lightening up age and skin spots. Cheers to that!
60 minutes . . . $75

Deep Lavender Body Treatment

With its relaxing and rejuvenating effects, lavender is the perfect addition to cornmeal for its ex-foliation benefits. Enjoy a full body massage with a deeply therapeutic lavender rub and then relax in a cocoon of heat as your body releases toxins, stress and strain. Finished with a cool aloe mist, you emerge renewed and revived.
60 minutes . . . $80
Add Facial 1 hour 45 minutes . . . $135


A professional deep resurfacing treatment designed to rid the skin of imperfections. Consecutive treat ments result in diminished fine lines and wrinkles, lightning of pigmentation and diminished scarring.
Individual . . . $50
Series of 6 . . . $250*

(6th one free)

(Add-ons Available)

Enzyme Peel . . . $25
Acne or Lightening Peel . . . $35
Anti-Aging Peel . . . $40